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A Different Approach to Eye and Brain Care

Dr. Downing is a caring, holistic optometrist who has been practicing in the Bay Area for over 40 years. He is internationally known for his innovative work in holistic optometry, the development of the Downing Technique of Light Therapy, and the Lumatron Light Stimulator. He offers services that address a wide range of problems that could be preventing you from seeing and thinking optimally.

  • Stress-Free Eye Exams
  • Light Therapy
  • Vision Therapy
  • Natural Vision Improvement
See Better - Feel Better

The Need For The Right Prescription

Have you ever received glasses or contacts, but still felt that your prescription was not right? This is because we all have a different preference of prescription strength. Seeing clearly and comfortably also depends on how you use your eyes and underlying health conditions. Dr. Downing assesses your individual needs to assure that you have the best vision possible.

Improve Your Brain - Improve Your Life

The Need for Light Therapy

Do you feel that you are not performing at your best? Vision brings light into the brain giving it the energy it needs to function properly. Many health factors reduce this vital energy, requiring Light Therapy to replenish it so you can regain your quality of life.

Light Therapy Improves

  • Brain Injuries
  • PTSD
  • Learning and Memory
  • Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and SAD